Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng is in the News – Again!

Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng recently made it very clear that he is pro-Israel, by declaring his love for Israel, and now everybody is mad.

As they should be. Let’s be clear, to be pro- Israel- means you are pro genocide, the colonisation of Palestine and Palestinians. Anti-blackness and the persecution of individuals as a whole, based on their chosen religion. It means to being for the idea that the bible gives people the right to assert themselves as more human than others, and therefore your humanity is more valuable than someone else’s.

Is anybody else tired of government officials treating the public offices they hold like their own personal households? Particularly the men. With absolutely no regard for the fact that they are running a country that has a diverse population, not just racially, but religiously too.

Is nobody giving them PR training about what to say or what not to say in public, because we live in a society. A society that has social, professional, and personal consequences for one’s actions. But of course the whole reason this is even a conversation is because they think this does not apply to them.

Naturally, he has supporters, but what is so dangerous is having people who are in public office who do not see the dangers of fraternising religion and politics.

The excuse that he was practising freedom of speech cannot even be applied here. Because when your opinions and your speech are used to co-sign apartheid, which is basically what is happening in Palestine- please know that you do not have the right to them. At all. And that right should be taken away from you. Which is fair considering he essentially believes that Palestinians do not deserve to freedom either.

Our own government (the ANC) has pledged allegiance to Palestine, you would think other public officials would take that as a hint. About how to act, at the very least.

As a judge not only should he see how his action were inappropriate, but how member of the public has every right to demand that he apologise. Which he has refused to do. What a surprise.