Elevation Business Magazine Press Release

Publishers Note:

My vision and our mission is to be the best digital publisher. As I write this, we take pride in celebrating the start of our journey with you as we welcome two publications, SHOOT Photography Magazine and Elevation Business Magazine. Having a passion for the arts and photography, I dedicated my energy into our publication called SHOOT Photography Magazine. The success was amazing and after just 5 publications, the need to answer to the business sector came knocking. Creating another business magazines simply would not do it for me. I wanted a positive messaging business publication that informed and motioned for effective changes in the market: a publication that elevates and inspires business-minded people around the world. This marriage of elevation and motion gave rise to Elevation Business Magazine.

These platforms also serve to encourage and engage our readers to give them ideas to develop their information in business and build their dreams like I did. Let’s face it, Covid -19 has almost crippled the world economy and the only way out is to start afresh. Big business is not the solution and has proved to be unsustainable for the working class. A new generation of entrepreneurs has risen from these ashes and they need our support to make it. Let us, as a community of the global market that is healing, and in the true spirit of ubuntu, turn our sorrows into hope and a brighter future.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank my leadership team whose dedication into my vision and mission with these publications have been remarkable.

Stay safe world.