Coronavirus: Unleashing a new business landscape.

The global business environment has never been shaken and transformed in such a short space of time as it had on the advent of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. A new ecosystem has to unfold in a very fast-paced manner in that business leadership has to also be rethought and new thinking identified.  Business leadership and its responsiveness to changing conditions in the ecosystem has to be elevated to another level, thus our contribution through the establishment of the Elevation Business Magazine.

Boardrooms, PMO’s are being reconfigured wherein virtual engagements and other platforms are the order of the day. It does not matter where team members are, efficient and effective decisions are necessary to ensure sustainable performance is achieved. 4IR has been fast-tracked! Thought leadership that is strategic, inspiring, with EQ that feels what the “experience economy” present and can cascade it down necessary.

This necessitates noting that efforts taken by countries like China to build a strong entrepreneurship base were well informed as small entities are flexible and ready to pragmatically respond to the ever-changing ecosystem. Elevation of the entrepreneurship ecosystem to a higher level of adding value on how economies get to instil a sense of multilateralism and provide probable adoption and adaptation for other economies may be necessary.  This is so true for economies whose existence isn’t dependent on natural resources. African Continental Free Trade Area agreement is being implemented, the new US administration under the 46th President, Joe Biden is unfolding, collaboration on the fight against the pandemic underway.  These are some of the developments that shape the new business and economic landscape. Our Elevation Business Magazine will harness these kinds of issues to ensure decision-makers and influencers are matched and brought closer.

Companies with responsive, strategic leadership that ensure that there is cohesion amongst board members, auditors and management to deliver value-for-money performance-driven initiatives.  Enhancement of corporate governance, strategic implementation and collaboration between politics and business should result in the better world order.  Our Elevation Business Magazine was imagined by the founders noting that there was and there is that gap and thus a need to influence and guide business leadership through cutting edge news.  We have assembled a team of journalists that would ensure delivery of such to benefit those in strategic leadership roles.

My vision and our mission is to be the best digital publisher. As I write this, we take pride in celebrating the start of our journey with you as we welcome two publications, Shoot Photography Magazine and Elevation Business Magazine. Having a passion for the arts and photography, I dedicated my energy into our publication called Shoot. The success was amazing and after just 5 publications, the need to answer to the business sector came knocking. Creating another business magazines simply would not do it for me. I wanted a positive messaging business publication that informed and motioned for effective changes in the market: a publication that elevates and inspires business-minded people around the world. This marriage of elevation and motion gave rise to Elevation Business Magazine.

These platforms also serve to encourage and engage our readers to give them ideas to develop their information in business and build their dreams like I did. Let’s face it, Covid -19 has almost crippled the world economy and the only way out is to start afresh. Big business is not the solution and has proved to be unsustainable for the working class. A new generation of entrepreneurs has risen from these ashes and they need our support to make it. Let us, as a community of the global market that is healing, and in the true spirit of ubuntu, turn our sorrows into hope and a brighter future.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank my leadership team whose dedication into my vision and mission with these publications have been remarkable.

Stay safe world.

Michael O’Connor







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SPM Publishers International is a global digital publisher – Home of Elevation Business Magazine and Shoot Photography Magazine. Both magazines feature local and international content. 30+ Journalist, 10+ Photojournalist and 4 Editors from South Africa, India, USA and Dubai.

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SPM Publishers International – Directors and Senior Management collectively has over 400 yeas of experience in business and publishing

Michael O Connor
Michael O ConnorChief Executive Officer
SPM Publishing was his idea, which he developed and fine-tuned together with his life-long best friend Richard Soderblom, who is also the Co-Publisher.
Michael has always been academically minded, and somewhat of a geek, loves being educated. Masters Degree in Business Management with him now studying for a second degree in Business Administration. As soon as he is done with that, he will start his B.Law.
Davlynne Lidbetter
Davlynne LidbetterManaging Director
With over 28 years’ experience in the Africa media space, she has enjoyed a lengthy tenure in some of the most prominent media groups in Southern Africa along with owning a successful specialised multi-platform campaign agency.
As the first General Manager of Forbes Africa she successfully launched Forbes Africa and its two sister publications, Forbes Life and Forbes Woman Africa, in October 2013.
Gianluigi Morrico
Gianluigi MorricoExecutive Creative Director
Over the years he has looked after significant blue-chip clients, whilst applying
his trade in some of the best agencies from Saatchi’s, to Joe Public and more recently Havas. This has enabled him to grow and develop in two key areas – Firstly, in the area of simplicity, keeping his work real, honest and relevant.
2019 and 2020 were particularly good years for awards, winning a Gold Loerie in the outdoor category.

Howard Muller
Howard MullerCreative Director (Design)
Howard Muller a multi-disciplinary digital/creative, working from one-country-to-the-other. He enjoys coffee, (Cordato to be exact), “..make that two please” and life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savouring the journey.
San-Marie Scheffler
San-Marie SchefflerWeb Developer & Creative
As a visual communication specialist and graphic designer she creates high-impact digital and print campaigns, publications and training material. She specialises in memorable corporate identities and engaging and user-friendly websites. Her focus is on the user interface and always applying the principles of user experience design with responsive websites on WordPress with full functionality across devices. She works extensively with Adobe Creative Cloud and has experience in UX Design, including wire framing, prototyping and testing.
Shaun Bateman
Shaun BatemanExecutive Sales & Business Development Director
I have more than a decade of publishing from print to digital, covering B2B & B2C retail and medical space sectors. Owner of SA Media and Digital Holdings. A peoples person and a problem solver, lover of my wife’s potato salad and sick gym pumps. I am passionate about health and fitness, and everything I do is so my family has something to be proud of. When I see a need, I fill a need — no need to create solutions to problems that do not exist. My goal is to get the clients brand in the hands of their target audience in a streamlined fashion that is best for everyone.
Ramabaka Abel Tshimole
Ramabaka Abel TshimoleExecutive Editor-In-Chief
He has more than 20 years professional and entrepreneurial experience, which accords him vast expertise and skills that could benefit the industrialisation and superior economic performance of our economy especially ensuring ENTREPRENEURSHIP becomes critical tool to grow and sustain our society including closing the unemployment, poverty and inequality gaps.
Jean-Ray Pearton
Jean-Ray PeartonVP Legal
Jean-Ray Pearton is a senior associate practicing in Gildenhuys Malati Inc’s General Litigation Department. He obtained his LLB in 2013 with distinction from UP. He commenced articles at Gildenhuys Malatji Inc in 2014. He initially accumulated experience in Personal Injury Litigation, domestic violence matters as well as insolvency litigation. Once seasoned he branched out into commercial, construction and labour litigation. He also has a keen interest in criminal law and takes pro-bono briefs for deserving members of the public.
Apratim Chatterjee
Apratim ChatterjeeEditor-In-Chief (International)
Coming with a decade of core-content experience, Apratim Chatterjee keenly follows the latest developments on different aspects of international affairs and the latest policy changes. A strong believer in the timeliness of information, his 24*7 approach in the news pieces covering brings an edge to the Elevation Business Magazine of the SPM Publishers International.


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